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One of These Things Is Not Like The Other

A good friend of mine recently lost a son, or rather a surrogate son. His best friend is the kind of friend that is a part of your family. After all, family isn’t solely about genetics and legal contracts. The best family members are those that you choose. Our genetic family, those that we have known since birth, we hold to for many indefinable reasons. There are explainable reasons as well, but each of us has a family member or two that we’re not sure why we love them. But we do.

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Perception is Reality: Intent is Irrelevant

“Each person’s perception is their reality,” he said.

I concluded at that moment that my friend is a genius. I’ve been trying to think of a good way to explain the concept and there it is. He, of course, was referring to the tell-tale story of ‘this person makes me feel stupid’ and whether they meant to or not, it’s still how I feel. I’ve encountered this in my own relationship as I’m sure the majority of people have.

The phenomenon doesn’t just exist in romantic relationships, but in every type of relationship. … Continue reading

Lemon Spaghetti

My daughter has been after me to make lemon spaghetti for a long time but, it just never seemed to sound very good.  I remembered a recipe I had come across in Everyday Italian by Giada De Laurentiis and decided to try it.  It’s got very simple ingredients and pretty quick to make, although, I would leave out the salt in the lemon sauce until the end of the dish because the Parmesan adds quite a bit of a salty taste.  The dish has a very bright taste and can be eaten as is or, as I did, something like chicken and apple sausage can be added.  I have found that after all the heavy comfort food that we’ve been eating that something like this is a quite a nice palate cleanser type of dish. 

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See Neither Evil Nor Reality

When we are children we run from monsters. Not all of us, but most. We check under the bed, look in the closet, peer around corners or have our daddy do it. I can even remember jumping across the room onto my bed and rushing under the sheets because I was convinced a monster would grab me. Afraid a slimy hand or tentacle would slide up the side of the bed and grab me. Childhood, with all its nightmares, seemed like the peak of terror until I grew up.

The first night I worked downtown I got a firsthand look… Continue reading

Break It Down and Build It Up

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been on here. Oddly enough, I went to college to learn to write without the need, but I just haven’t been able to focus my thoughts enough. Our apartment is showing signs as well.

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Have you ever experienced that feeling…when you have the time, you’re ambivalent, and when you don’t, you’re energized to achieve the task. I’ve had that feeling lately.

When I’m at work, I swear I am going to come home and knock out the cleaning. I’m excited! Then, half way through the drive home, the desire is gone.… Continue reading

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